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Dear Colleagues,

This year we are honored to be holding the fifteenth SIMINCO and to celebrate this milestone we have organized a great event with national and international renowned experts who will give us all the updates on spine surgery worldwide.

Unlike other years, and aligned with the economic difficulties that our country has been through, our Organizing Committee made the decision to unify the SIMINCO with the COMINCO in order to reach the best results for you all.

In this event, experts will have the opportunity to know minimally invasive spine surgery techniques that have been abandoned for lack of scientific evidence or economic reasons; that have been incorporated to the daily routine; and the ones which are still being tested.

During the two days of scientific activity, several acquainted and new surgeries will be transmitted directly from the surgery room along with the scientific program.

A special scientific exchange program session from NASS (North American Spine Society) in partnership with ABCMIC (Brazilian Association for the Development of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) will also take place, when Fellows will share their experiences at spine surgery centers across the USA. After this session, new applicants will be interviewed to the NASS/ABCMIC 2019 Fellowship Program.



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